Angel Locsin and Neil Arce celebrate their last Valentine’s day as Boyfriend and Girlfriend!

Everyone’s sweet gesture towards their partners are for sure all over your timeline this Valentine’s day. It’s that special day when everyone can get away being extra sweet with their loved ones and not be judged. Our favorite low-key couple, Angel Locsin and Neil Arce are ofcourse one of them. Though they are trying to keep their relationship as private as possible, these two never fails to express their love for each other in public through a social media post.

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce celebrated Valentine’s day at the same place they had their Valentine’s date last year. On their respective Instagram accounts the couple posted series of photos while they are enjoying a cup of tea. Neil Arce always has the sweetest words for his fiancee and on his caption he wrote “Last year I was here with my GF... this year IM here with my fiancé next year and all The years after that ill be here with my wife  happy Valentine’s day my Love!”

It can be recalled that early 2017, they were frequently seen in public spending time together that ignites the speculations that they were dating. No one from both parties denied nor confirmed but the photos spreading online seems to prove that they actually are. Later the same year, in one of her interviews, Angel Locsin finally confirmed that they were exclusively dating.

Their relationship have come a long way, long before Angel Locsin confirmed that she’s in a relationship with the businessman and movie producer Mr. Neil Arce, only few knows that they were really good friends for more than six years. They’ve been each other’s confidante through those years until they found themselves falling in love with each other.

Angel Locsin and Neil Arce are tying the knot this year and we couldn’t be any  happier! Everyone’s beyond excited for the big day to come.

Source: Instagram


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