A closer look at the Salazar siblings’ Achievement wall!

Four Sisters and A Wedding is one of the best if not the best movie about families ever created. It’s timeless storyline stays relevant until today almost 7 years after it premiered. At present, we surely has rewatched the movie so much that we can recall a scene in the movie at the back of our mind.

Aside from the relatable scenes, one of the most popular thing in the movie is the siblings’ achievement wall.

It is where all the Salazar siblings’ achievements were displayed and looking closely to Mama Grace’s crowning glory that catches every guests attention whenever they pay a visit at the Salazar household, it can be observed that these siblings are quite an achiever.

All the Salazar siblings graduated from the same high school - the fictional Astra Academy of Manila where their Mom serves as the Principal. Each of them also graduated as valedictorian in their respective batches, except of course for Alex, who is not the most academically inclined.

Teddie Salazar, the eldest of the Salazar sibling is the first among her siblings to decide that she want to be a teacher. Back when she was still in highscool, Teddie graduated as a Valedictorian and gained special award for excellence in Theater Arts, Proficiency Awards in Social Studies, Profiency Award in Filipino and J. Ng Leadership Award for Service as a Student Council President and graduated as Cum Laude in college.

Teddie is an achiever but so as Bobbie who’s quite an overachiever. She graduated as a Valedictorian in highschool and as a summa cum laude of her chosen course in college. Bobbie also has finished a masteral degree outside the country and is working as a corporate communications manager in NYC.

Alex is the least academically inclined among the siblings and though she has the least gold medals on the achievement wall, Alex is also an achiever in her own right. Even though she did not graduate with flying colors, Alex Salazar was awarded Best Thesis for her short film and won the top prize in an interuniversity film festival.

Gabbie and CJ definitely proved that they can hold their own when it comes to the Achievement Wall. They graduated Magna Cum Laude in their chosen course in college.

Source: ABS-CBN


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