"We've worked with her many times and she does this every time." Paolo Arevalo to Angel Locsin

You probably have heard or read about how Angel Locsin is one of the most genuine stars in the industry.

There are tons of stories circulating online that was generously shared by people who first hand experienced how Angel lives up to her name.

And last year, in one of her commercial shoots for one of the brands she’s endorsing, she yet again amazed someone with how warm, gracious and genuine she is.

In an Instagram post, Paolo Arevalo, an executive creative director shared how gracious Angel Locsin was at the set of the commercial shoot — “The first thing @therealangellocsin does when she steps onto our Mang Inasal set is to go around and greet every member of the crew (We've worked with her many times and she does this everytime.), including beloved soundman Tatay Rudy whom she always makes sure is well-fed. She knows almost everyone by name! #respect #manginasalph.” His post drew attention to other people in the industry who had a chance to work with Angel and in the comment’s section, they also shared their unforgettable experience of working with her.

Tin tin rosales wrote “Yes, I’ve worked with her before too. And she was the only one who stayed with us on set while we were preparing it. Had nice conversations with us. No diva complex and willing to contribute to any scene she was in.”

An Instagram user who goes with the username “@glenpaul_gplife” also commented and said “Super down to earth. Met her a couple of times here in Singapore for our Football matches. Very Low profile. The Best!” with which Mr. Paolo replied “SHE IS! Beautiful inside out. And has remained the same after all these years. Kaya sya sikat”

Hearing all these stories from the people she has worked with proves that nothing can really beat a genuinely kind and good heart.

People will always remember you with the way you treat them just like how Angel Locsin is well-remembered because of the way she made other people feel whenever she’s around.

Do you have an unforgettable encounter with Angel Locsin? Share in the comments below!

Source: Instagram


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