This is why Angel Locsin is NINANG GOALS!

The husband of Dimples Romana Boyet Ahmee was rushed to the hospital again after vomiting blood.

In an Instagram post, the Kadenang Ginto star shared that she received a text message from her daughter on Sunday, informing her that Boyet was in the same ordeal again that had her fearing for his life not too long ago.

"At 12mn kanina habang nasa taping ako in Qc for KG, I received a text message from @callieahmee na I should check on my hubby because she saw him spitting blood again. She was crying and I got so worried. And after that tough time we had a week ago, we were all nervous to go through it again," she shared.

Dimples also said that her bosses in Kadenang Ginto understood her situation. "They were all very gracious and concerned and told me naman to leave if I really have to dahil para sa aming lahat - family first. But I decided to stay and finish the last few scenes and called my brother to take my husband to the hospital instead," she shared.

She expressed her gratitude to her family for rushing her husband to the hospital and to Angel Locsin for accompanying Boyet and for looking after her son while she’s busy with her wifey duties.

“And sa aming Darna @therealangellocsin nilipad mo ang @themedicalcity Salamat sa pagmamahal na maasahan forever. Balita ko, minamasahe mo pa feet ni Boyet, I can just imagine yung hiya nya haha Salamat sa pagSama sa akin, sa paghila sa akin sa mga pgkakataon nanghihina ako, sa pagsama sa pamilya ko habang hindi pa ako makarating, sa pagasikaso sa lahat habang bagsak ako from taping, sa pagpilit sa aking kumain, sa pakikipaglaro kay Alonzo habang may inaasikaso ako, sa lahat ng suportang walang pagaalinlangan At pagaatubili, Salamat. Mahal na mahal ka namin.”

On another post, Dimples also said:

“With everything @boyetahmee and I have been going through lately, Boyet being in the hospital in and out, my Kg tapings everyday (because it’s almost the holiday break) I am grateful for friendships that go beyond work shoots, lunches, dinners and all. We love you @therealangellocsin  yes im taking this moment to appreciate the moments you took over taking care of #AlonzoRomeoJose while I was busy with my wifey duties. Mahal na mahal kita. Ninang duties for real  Boyet comes out of the hospital again today. Thank God. And thank you @themedicalcity you guys have been nothing but amazing.”

Everybody needs an Angel Locsin in their lives.

Source: Instagram


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