This hilarious reaction of Maymay on meeting Angel Locsin for the first time will make you roll on the floor laughing!

Maymay Entrata is one of the Kapamilya young actresses, notable for winning the reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 in 2016 and for being the first Filipina personality to walk in the Arab Fashion Week in 2018.

Aside from acting and modelling, she also expressed an interest in singing and composing which got her a Gold and Platinum status on her debut album.

She has appeared and starred in various projects both in the small and big screens and that said, we can say that she really is a star in the making.

She is also known to have the most hilarious fangirl reaction every time she meets a celebrity and that didn’t change even if she is now a celebrity herself. Although she already toned down a little, she still makes her signature funny faces in front of the big stars that will surely crack a rib or two.

It can be remembered that inside the Big Brother house, she either got her tongue tied or screamed in joy whenever there’s a celebrity guest that made everyone crack up.

One of the most epic was when Angel Locsin together with Zanjoe Marudo and Sam Milby entered the house to promote their movie, The Third Party.

Maymay totally freaked out and couldn’t believe her luck when she got to meet Angel, Zanjoe and Sam who pretended to be doctors and were tasked to do a routine check-up on some of the housemates.

Maymay admitted that she completely lost it when Angel entered the room whom she described as the sexiest woman in the world and it was clearly shown on her reaction. “Sino ba naman ang magiging okay sa ganoong sitwasyon? Lahat ng nerves ko sumasayaw!” She quipped.

Maymay also showed her hidden talent to the three celebrities who seemed to have had a really fun time meeting her and also the other housemates.

We feel you, Maymay!

Watch the video here:


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