Majika, Mulawin and other Fantaseryes close to our hearts!

Fantasy themed teleseryes or what we call Fantaseryes played a big part in our lives especially in our childhood.

These types of teleseryes open our imagination in a whole different level. They are creating a world that we never did imagine will ever exist.

It was mostly impossible to happen in real life and is based on one’s fantasy and imagination, but these stories never fail to capture our hearts.

It was way back 2004 when Angel Locsin became a household name. It was through a very successful and phenomenal fantaserye Mulawin.

As we all can remember, she played the role of Alwina, a half-human, half-bird creature. She was paired with Richard Gutierrez and their tandem became one of the most loved team-up that led them to making not one but four movies together!

The success of Mulawin catapult her career and led her to new projects, one role after the other majority of which is fantasy themed. She flew as Darna and became one of the most loved actresses who portrayed the role.

She also starred another remarkable role as Sabina in Majika and as Gabriella in Asian Treasures.

Angel Locsin became one of our childhood heroes because of these roles. She portrayed roles who are strong and powerful that she easily became our image of what strong and powerful woman looks like.

Aside from all these Angel Locsin starrer fantasy themed teleserye, it was also a treat for everyone of us that we have watched other fantaserye like Encantadia and Super Twins to name a few!

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