Dimples Romana talks about an important life lesson Angel Locsin taught her.

In the world that’s full of make believe, only few are those who stay true to their words. Luckily, there are still people who values friendship and found someone who were able to maintain their unbreakable friendship through the test of time, one great example is Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana. Their friendship started when they worked together in Lobo.

Since then, they became best of friends in real life! After more than a decade they still are one of what we can say #friendshipgoals in showbizness. They never fail to show support for each other in each of their endeavours.

Last year, Angel Locsin shows her all out support to her bestfriend and attended Dimples’ book launch.

At the said book launch, in the Question and Answer segment, Dimples Romana revealed one important lesson in life that Angel Locsin taught her — rewarding herself.

Dimples Romana enthusiastically recalled the day Angel Locsin invited her to buy jewelries after their taping “It’s so difficult not to reward yourself, Angel (Locsin) was the one who taught me how that goes.

I remember we were taping Lobo, kita nya pagod na pagod ako, sabi ni Angel sa’kin pag pack-up namin ng 9AM, halika dito, bibili tayo ng alahas.”

Dimples was a bit hesitant at first but what Angel said struck her and turns out to be a great life lesson that she can vividly recall after a decade

“bibili tayo kasi napapagod ka na, para mas kaya mo pa ulit na magtrabaho, kailangan mapagbigyan mo ang sarili mo” — Angel Locsin.

Dimples then came into conclusion that rewarding yourself is very important because that sort of reward makes you feel that you are important.

Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana’s friendship is a proof that finding genuine friendship in the exhilarating world of show business which is perceived to be almost impossible is still possible. They are indeed #friendshipgoals!

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