Angel Locsin is wearing the lucky color of the year!

The tradition to wear specific colors in order to attract good luck is popular all over the world. As everything is energy, including color and what you wear is believed to bring you all manner of luck and success. The same choice of colors is believed to bring you luck when you use these colors in your accessories, as well as in your home decor.

2020 is the Year of the Metal element of Feng Shui, so to be in harmony with the energy of the year and befriend the ruling qualities of the metal feng shui element such as clarity, focus, preciseness, loyalty, stability, progress, you have to know what color will give you good luck and what to avoid.

2020 has the potential to be a harmonious, happy year with a bounty of blessings and a stable ground for new beginnings according to Feng shui experts. They say that the lucky colors of the Year 2020 (Year of the Rat) are white and blue —White is connected to the metal element and blue is connected to the Water element, the main agent of Rat according to astrology.

Experts say that White is associated with the business domain, but also health, and social relationships. It is the color that brings peace, induces calmness, and relaxation. It is recommended to wear white every time you feel overwhelmed, irascible, or anxious.

While, Blue is the color of trust, honesty, and loyalty. Blue allows us to open up with enthusiasm towards everything that is elevated and wonderful around us. At the same time, it helps us live in full harmony in our entourage.

Recently, a netizen with an Instagram handle @angelica_locsin_update posted a photo of Angel Locsin wearing the color of the year 2020 — a blue gown accented with white/silver necklace.
Will she be just as lucky and blessed this year like the last?

Many wish the actress a promising and bountiful new year just as how she was blessed in 2019. She welcomed the year as the new Anti-Piracy Ambassador of the Optical Media Board and her most anticipated wedding is set to happen some time this year. But wearing the color of the year or not, Angel truly deserves everything good life has to offer.

May all the luck and blessings come upon you, Angel! Happy New Year!

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