A Touching Moment: Angel Locsin meets her idol Bono of U2!

Celebrities freaking out over other celebrities are one of the cutest things ever. It’s really cute to see them losing it when they see their idols.

And who would have thought that Angel Locsin who is being idolized by millions also fangirls so hard and completely lost it when she finally meets her idol, U2’s frontman Bono.

Angel met Bono on Tuesday at an event organized by the Philippine Red Cross and Zipline and it surely was a priceless moment and a dream come true for Angel and fans couldn’t help but express their joy seeing that side of her.

Instagram user @bigbadbawang captured this fangirling moment and Angel couldn’t thank her enough for it and shared this encounter on her Instagram. She said:

“High salute to My love, Bono, the multi-awarded @U2 frontman who has also been a frontman for advocating social justice worldwide Despite his tight schedule, he have chosen to accommodate @philredcross’ invitation and introduce us to this new technology of saving human lives through aerial drone.

Looking forward to this faster, easier & hi-tech way to get blood where it's needed, especially to remote places with poor road infrastructure and devastated by calamities. Thanks to you, Bono, senator @dickgordon, @philredcross & @zipline

For updates on how you can do your part to help save lives with the Phils Red Cross, please follow @PhilRedCross 


Thank you @bigbadbawang for the video”

On Instagram story, @bigbadbawang also shared the touching moment when Angel got teary-eyed as Bono signed her Joshua Tree shirt and how her fiancé Neil Arce supports her in every way.

“But it’s the hand of @therealangellocsin and she gets the biggest smile from Bono when he finds out she is one of the top Filipino Humanitarians with the work she does privately for the @philredcross ❤️,” she also added.

U2 is now in Manila for their first-ever concert in the Philippines.

You can definitely tell that Angel is really a huge U2 fan. She recently went to Japan to watch the band's concert and she also attended their concert last night, Wednesday, December 11 at the Philippine Arena.

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