Rita Daniela sees Angel Locsin as beauty peg!

Two time FHM’s sexiest, not ranking lower than top 10 on the said list in more than a decade and landing at number 8 in MTV Australia Sexiest Nationalities in the World, all these and more recognitions was rewarded to Angel Locsin for being sexy, having the right curves at the right places and until today, she has always been a beauty peg to most people and even to other actresses in the biz one of which is Rita Daniela.

On one of her interviews Rita was asked to name one female celebrity whom she thinks is the sexiest, she quickly mentioned Angel Locsin  “Angel Locsin. Sexy siya, ha! Iba e, yung dating talaga” she said.

“Para sa akin kasi, totoo, ang sexy naman, hindi iyan sa hubog ng katawan. For me, the true meaning of sexy is confidence!” the actress added.

Angel Locsin is undoubtedly attractive. Her physique, beautiful eyes and perfectly defined nose are just some of her physical features that stand out. She is no doubt a beauty to behold.

But what’s really admirable is how she was able to coach people to look pass through her blinding beauty, she was able to prove that she’s just more than just a pretty face, that something inside her is even more beautiful than what is visible to the naked eye. More than that of her physique, she was admired because of her genuine kindness and the causes she supports.

Beauty is subjective, it always depends on the beholder, but just like what Rita Daniela said, the true meaning of sexyness is confidence, the way you handle yourself make such a big difference on how people perceive your beauty.

Source: PEP


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