“Ikaw talaga ang superhero ko, ikaw ang idol ko”— Angel Locsin to Dimples Romana.

As what we have previously reported, Angel Locsin surprised Dimples Romana on her birthday on the set of Kadenang Ginto. They were able to pull it off successfully and just as we thought it ends there, Angel Locsin surprised her bestfriend a new.

On Dimples Romana’s birthday celebration in Magandang Buhay, Angel Locsin sent a heartfelt birthday greeting for her dear friend. The actress started the greeting by wishing Dimples a happy birthday “Happy happy birthday sa’yo. ‘Wag kang kabahan, hindi kita ilalaglag ngayon dahil it’s your day. Gusto lang naman kitang batiin at gusto kong ipaalam sa lahat ng nakakanood nito na hindi ‘nyo pa alam kung gaano kabait si Ms. Dimples Romana.”

Angel Locsin then proceeded to give her heartfelt message to her long time friend that brought Dimples to tears “Kung ako si Darna, ikaw talaga ang superhero ko, ikaw ang idol ko. Kung ano man ang blessing na natatanggap mo lahat siguro mag-aagree na deserve na deserve mo ‘yun dahil mabuti kang tao at pinagtrabahuhan mo talaga ng husto.”

The actress ended her message with a promise of a long lasting friendship and unending support to Dimples and said, “Eto ako kaibigan mo, forever number one fan, number one basher. Lagi kitang ipagtatanggol, lagi akong magiging honest sa’yo, nasa likod mo lang ako kahit anong mangyari. Pasensya na, nandito ako sa buhay mo habang buhay, wala ka nang magagawa, dito lang ako, di mo ako mapapaalis.”

We have seen how affectionate Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana are towards each other. For the past ten years that they have been friends, we have seen how they care for each other and look for one another’s welfare.

Some may say finding genuine friendship in showbizness may be close to impossible but Angel Locsin and Dimples Romana proved otherwise.

Watch the full video here:


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