Angel Locsin, a true superhero in layman’s attire.

You need no position in the government office to help, all you need is courage and enough compassion to care for other people.

This is what Angel Locsin has been consistently proving. Through the years, she’s been consistently helping at times of distress. Apart from the monetary donation, she always scratch a day off from her busy schedule to be with the people who needed the help the most.

A heartfelt message for Angel Locsin from a Tausug writer Amir Mawallil who is also a Member of Parliament in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Musim Mindanao has been going around online.

Originally posted on his facebook page, Mr. Amir beautifully wrote his admiration and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the actress. He remembered Angel Locsin’s visit in the war stricken Marawi, that despite her stature as one of the brightest stars, she never forgets and always remembers the people of Mindanao.

“You were a true helper when we needed you most, and you gave us sunshine at a time of desperation. You never forgot your people—you always treated Mindanao as your home. Even in your shining moments, there was a tear in your eye for your people. You have always remembered us; you have never forgotten.” – he wrote.

With the series of high intensity quakes in the areas of Mindanao just recently, people are yearning for help and Angel Locsin once again came down to share her blessings to those who were badly affected.

With her recent visit in the area, Mr. Amir commended Angel Locsin’s compassion to people of Mindanao -- “You bought relief goods and distributed them to the most needy of all. You provided rice, canned goods, and hygiene kits for people without food and shelter. Again, in Davao del Sur, like in Marawi, you volunteered, donated, and gave assistance. When there was hunger, you gave food; when there was deprivation, you gave relief.”

It was at this time of distress that we get to see people who genuinely care and Angel Locsin is one of them. She’s an inspiration and a good example to everyone. Just like what Mr. Amir wrote on his message, anyone in the biz is dispensable, stars fade but Angel Locsin’s goodness that she consistently shares to those who are in need will forever be remembered.

Mabuhay ka Angel!



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