Wanna know the secret to Angel Locsin’s fair and younger looking skin? Read this.

Angel Locsin is one of the the most sought after and loved celebrities in the country.

She’s been in the local showbiz industry for more than a decade and has become one of the most respected artists, in fact, an ICON being looked up to and admired not only because of her talent but also because of her beauty that runs deep.

She is indeed strikingly beautiful inside and out, with or without make-up on. You will find it hard not to stare at her and feel giggly to star struck around Angel.

No make-up or filter, no problem! Angel seems to get even more beautiful when she’s bare-faced and not camera ready. Wanna know the secret why? Skin care. This is one of the reasons why she’s gorgeous even when she is completely sans cosmetics.

Recently, Aivee Clinic took to Instagram the video of Angel Locsin undergoing Aivee Ultera Maxx Lift Session. On the caption, it details:

“The Ultimate Skin tightening treatment.

Aivee Ulthera Maxx Lift has always been the go to treatment for skin lifting and tightening. This highly effective procedure boost collagen production to firm the skin. It gives the face contour and definition. This treatment is only done once or twice a year to maintain your youthful looks.

Here's @therealangellocsin during one of her Aivee Ulthera Maxx Lift session. This procedure is available in all @theaiveeclinic branches and The A Institute.

DISCLAIMER: Treatments and procedures depend upon consultation. We highly encourage our patients to be examined by our doctors for us to prescribe the proper treatments for your skin and body concern. Treatment cost may be discussed upon consultation.”

Skin care is really important. For celebrities, yes it’s an investment but it’s just as important for non-celebrities too. Remember, skin is the largest barrier and our primary defense against infection.  Keeping it healthy and hydrated keep this barrier strong.

Source: Instagram


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