This Angel Locsin starrer horror movie is considered one of the Most Unforgettable Pinoy Horror Films!

Why do we like watching scary films? Research says it’s because horror films have alluring tension and thrilling entertainment that can really affect us to the bones and we watch them as way of purging negative emotions and relieving pent-up aggression.

For sensation seekers, it’s a way to fend off boredom whilst some people watch horror movies to face their fears that they can’t do in reality.

This is the time of year for Halloween and what better way to celebrate it than binge-watching horror films! Many of us who have outgrown trick-or-treating will scare ourselves for entertainment and watch a horror film for an altogether more bizarre indulgence.

It really is overwhelming to choose from library of horror films available but When In Manila blogspot just happens to have listed 10 Most Unforgettable Pinoy Horror Films that will certainly give you sleepless nights!

With an impeccable portfolio of roles Angel Locsin has portrayed, horror is no exception. Txt, a 2006 Filipino supernatural horror film directed by Michael Tuviera, starring Angel Locsin herself, Dennis Trillo, Oyo Boy Sotto, Julia Clarete, Dante Rivero and Eugene Domingo landed on When In Manila’s list of the Most Unforgettable Pinoy Horror Films.

The story circles around Joyce (Angel Locsin), a caregiver in a local elderly home who broke up with her obsessive boyfriend, Roman (Oyo Boy Sotto) whom she had a car accident with while on their way home.

The tragedy killed Roman leaving Joyce wounded. Little did they know that Roman was engaged in occult activities and made a blood pact with Joyce before he died so he may be able to follow her through her shadow with a cursed phone as his spiritual object.

TxT definitely offered a surprising turn away from prior horror films for its depiction of caregivers and call center agents (Joyce and Alex) and their different lifestyles and time tables.

Its over the top creepiness and effective storytelling totally cross boundaries to shock and scare twisted enough to keep the viewers hooked and jumped out of their seats!

Sukob (2006), Ouija (2007), Pridyider (2012), Wag Kang Lilingon (2006), Shake Rattle and Roll 9 (2007), The Healing (2012), White Lady (2006), Bahay Ni Lola (2001) and Feng Shui (2004) are the other scary movies that landed on the Most Unforgettable Pinoy Horror Films —When In Manila.

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Have you seen TXT yet? What can you say about Angel’s caliber in horror? We’d love to hear your opinion. Just comment below!


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