“Mamimiss ko yung father-daughter scenes namin.” Angel Locsin on Albert Martinez

During the The General’s Daughter’s final Grand Press Conference held at Dolphy Theater last September 26, Angel Locsin shared how grateful she is to have worked with Mr. Albert Martinez again and how badly she would miss their father and daughter scenes saying, “Mamimiss ko yung father-daughter scenes namin. Naka-experience ako ng actions scenes with my dad.”

The General’s Daughter finale was aired last October 4 and concluded with 183 episodes and thousands of tweets leading the Twitter trends nationwide and worldwide.

It also ended with the highest finale ratings for 2019 and was the only series that has overtaken FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano in ratings.

It was a consistent winner in terms of national viewership share through its nine months on air that adds to the long list of Angel Locsin’s unmatched records.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Angel’s Rhian was raised and manipulated by Tiago as an assassin and was planted in the military to take revenge on her own father, Marcial.

But as cliche as it may sound, heart knows what it wants and Rhian is in the right mind to know what’s right.

Growing up, she was in constant battle between what she used to believed in and the goodness of her heart that made her so confused of what she’s really up against.

That leads her to finding out who she really is and in her vulnerable state in the battlefield, her real father, General Marcial came in to the rescue like a knight in shining armor she had never imagined would come.

They eventually fought Tiago side by side until their final mission.

Their moments together completely stirred the souls and touched the heart of viewers and were beautifully shot “like father like daughter” scenes with paced action pieces showcased every time.

What’s your favorite Marcial-Rhian scene? Sound off your thoughts on the comments!

Source: Twitter


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