Angel Locsin wows in a death defying Jet ski stunt for The General’s Daughter finale!

Last Friday, The General’s Daughter’s final mission was accomplished in more ways than one. Angel Locsin had the viewers strapped in for a rollercoaster of action sequences and indelibly moving moments when her character Rhian Bonifacio scrambled to stop Tiago from gaining absolute political power and to make him pay for the lives he remorselessly took and all other crimes he perpetrated.

Rhian chases Tiago who is trying to get away through his private boat, single-handedly knocks all her opponents down and insanely drives a jet ski while engaged in a shootout.

Despite her wounds and leg injury, she manages to strike Tiago’s men down and corners Tiago inside his boat.

Confronting him one-on-one, an enraged Rhian beats him up to almost death with a blow after blow on his face.

With every bloody blow, she mentioned that those were for all he did wrong most notably for Elai and Nanang Isabelle.

But Rhian knew that she was nothing like Tiago to take the law into her hands. She planned to surrender him to the authorities but Tiago had a grenade with him to kill them both. She took it from him, released the pin and ran for her life before it went off.

It looked like she didn’t survive the catastrophic fight for justice and ended it with the momentous line, “Sapat ba ang lahat ng ginawa ko para patunayan ang sarili ko?” The vast Philippine sea where it also started witnessed it all.

Angel Locsin as Rhian triumphed in many ways there is to measure. At the end of The General’s Daughter is the satisfaction that audiences are witness to an entertaining adventure - a happy ending where Rhian and Franco ended up together, Ethan and General Marcial though they had to pay for breaking the law, remain in the military service, and they all live in peace as all memories of the past may never be forgotten but they all have been forgiven.

#TGDMissionAccomplished is both a farewell and a celebration as it unsurprisingly leads the Twitter trends nationwide and worldwide with multiple trending topics. It also firmly held a consistent winning streak in the nationwide ratings through its nine months on air.

Angel Locsin surely knows how to leave us with fitting finale for the best action-drama serye ever created!

Congratulations Angel! We will miss you big time! Come back soon please!

Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

Watch the Highlights here:


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