WATCH: Angel Locsin showers Ms. Maricel Soriano with kisses and it’s the sweetest ever!

Recently, Angel Locsin took to her Instagram story a video of her bonding with the Diamond star, Ms. Maricel Soriano.

On the video, Angel was giving her Inay Maria kisses on the head and it’s one of the sweetest gestures ever.

“Bakit may kulay?” Ms. Maricel asked, but Angel just kept on showering her with kisses while laughing at her Inay Maria’s curiosity.

In the local entertainment industry, one of the things that really set a celebrity apart from ordinary and other equally notable and top-graded celebrities is attitude.

Any celebrities can offer to the table their artistry and remarkably deliver but their attitude towards work and people around them is what really captures the heart.

Known to many, Angel Locsin, aside from being an ICON and pillar in showbiz, she is also one of the kindest and down to Earth.

She is distinguished as someone who sprinkles kindness everywhere, oftentimes incognito.

Testimonials of this kindness are here and there that made people iconize her as a real-life superhero and a real Angel on Earth.

Also, despite her stature, she always pays respect to the artists of all sorts most especially those who came before her.

That’s why, there is no doubt why many people love and adore her including the Diamond Star, Ms. Maricel Soriano.

This video that was re-uploaded by netizen with the Instagram handle @mygel_teamangel also proves that Ms. Maricel Soriano is someone who is really nice and mother-like to everyone she’s working with far from the Taray Queen as the local entertainment industry dubbed her.

Despite her ICON status, everyone around her is a living proof how warm the Diamond Star treat her friends and colleagues including Angel Locsin who constantly shared during interviews how giving and professional Maria is every time.

Catch these two ICONS on their hit primetime series, The General’s Daughter, every weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Source: Instagram



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