The General’s Daughter and FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, neck and neck at the top spot!

The Genearal’s Daughter which premiered last January 21st is now on its eighth month.

Reigning on its timeslot, the show remains undefeated by its rival.

Averaging of 30% - 32% consistently month over month, it continues its winning streak against 5 different shows to date.

Having two action themed series in primetime bida seems to work for kapamilya network.

Ang Probinsyano remains undefeated by its rival 3 years after its pilot episode.

The General’s Daughter who takes the second slot is also as consistent.

The two shows headed by the King and Queen of primetime is now going neck and neck at the top spot.

Based on Kantar media’s nationwide rating, The General’s Daughter is only 1.3% shy to be at par to Ang Probinsyano and become the number one most watched television show in the Philippines.

The General’s Daughter’s #TGDTensyon episode aired last August 30 earned 32.2% nationwide rating which is only 1.5% shy from Ang Probinsyano.

The #TGDGulat episode last Sep. 2 has literally shocked the viewers that it gained 31.8% nationwide ratings that closes the gap from the first slot with a small difference of 1.3%.

The revelation of Mejor Cinco’s Cuatro has hightened the viewers’ interest and earned a whopping 32.6% ratings which is two times higher than its rival show.

The General’s Daughter is continuously reigning its timeslot gaining 32.0% and 32.4% nationwide ratings for #TGDNapahamak and #TGDMadakip episodes respectively.

Though going neck and neck and being pitted against each other, The General’s Daughter and Ang Probinsyano which is the top two shows in the Philippines only proves that Kapamilya network still offers the best shows of great quality and value to its viewers.

These two shows which is both under Dreamscape production is equally successful and creating a healthy competition within themselves.

Do you enjoy watching The General’s Daughter and Ang Probinsyano? We would love to know which one’s your favorite! Share in the comments below!

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  1. they are both very good action teleserye ABS-CBN network and Directors are super good compare to other network and Directors . Salute to ABS-CBN network and Directors! you did a very great job


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