“Rhian pinaiyak mo anak ko...” Fans applaud Angel for her most heartbreaking performance in The General’s Daughter.

The General’s Daughter is undeniably a beautiful and thrilling teleserye that elevates its action and storyline to a level of art rarely seen in local TV.

The numbers it is getting in terms of viewership share and social media engagement only show how commanding it is to televiewers, proving yet again, that an Angel Locsin starrer tv series plus a topnotcher cast and production can never go wrong and expectedly a top-shelf.

Three weeks before it’s anticipated finale, this action-drama series moved the viewers to a river of tears after the unexpected death of both Nanang Isabelle and Elai.

It was as heartbreaking to the fans as it was to Rhian making the episode the top trending on Twitter nationwide and worldwide last Thursday.

Angel Locsin showcased a performance of an absolute pain of loss that even the young ones got affected;

and no matter how incomprehensible death and grief should be to these kids, their hearts equally ache proving how she did it outstandingly.

Just like how it breaks the heart of this young boy who cried a river watching the #TGDSakripisyo episode.

“Pinsan kong napaiyak sa pagkamatay ni Elai & nanang SABEL hagulgol talaga hehehe sinasabayan pa si Mama Corazon #thegeneralsdaughter ❤️, Instagram user @samonteiia said on the caption.

A Twitter user named Josie Gonazales also shared a picture of her son, sobbing and said, “Rhian pinaiyak mo anak ko sa eksena mo with Eli at Isabel.... Sobrang galing mo tlg dalang dala ung anak ko sa eksena nyo... So sad nmtay na c eli at nanay Isabel.”

The portrayal and storytelling were totally relentless and effective in a way it makes its theme flow through its audience.

The episode totally breaks many hearts but just when we thought that it is already the most heartbreaking, it was announced last Friday that the series is nearly approaching its finale.

THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER, “The Last Three Weeks.”

Watch the videos here: Instagram || Instagram


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