MUST-WATCH: HILARIOUS behind the scenes of UNO vs CUATRO!

The General’s Daughter absolutely amps up primetime viewing. Its original story keeps a steady and non-linear pace that captures the hearts of televiewers who crave for a series formulated with the right amount of action and drama.

With the Action-Drama Queen, Angel Locsin, who always gives a top quality and fresh take to this action series, it is unquestionable that it maintains its lead in TV ratings and social media engagement.

While it is also amusing how the other actors work with great chemistry giving justice to their respective roles that make the story more watchable, the additional character reveals and spike in the storytelling also demand a binge-watch and bigger audience.

The show excites the televiewers with a twist around a certain group of five well-equipped assassins that Heneral Tiago raised and trained to help him execute his evil conquest.

Tiago, the main antagonist, named them “MEJOR CINCO” which means “Best Five” and this unexpected turn in the story warrants climactic scenes that challenge the cognitive skills and stir the emotions of viewers since they were introduced.

Rhian was the UNO, Franco was DOS, Zandro, “a computer and mechanic geek” was the TRES and Capt. Alexandra Noblejas was CUATRO who was just revealed last week!

This unexpected turn wows the viewers who anticipate another exhilarating duel between UNO and CUATRO!

It already started with exchange of fiery dialogues and gun shots the other night that left everyone breathless!

IT WAS ABSOLUTELY LEGIT ACTION with delectable mixed martial arts and gun fight that satisfies what the audience has been craving for since Cuatro’s identity was revealed.

Dreamscape Entertainment took to Twitter a behind the scene video of this much-anticipated scene and its surprising how the two powerful women behind UNO and CUATRO took it seriously and hilariously!

It’s totally amusing to see the raw and physical preparation of this series that portrays authenticity and gives the quality we all want to see on TV.

So if you’re in dire need of kinetic energy supply, don’t miss the next episodes!

Watch the video below:


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