“Gusto mo talaga akong maatake sa puso eh no!” Dimples Romana to Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin’s dedication to deliver quality performance is unquestionable.

With her record-breaking achievements and multiple acting awards under her belt, she really has nothing to prove but continues to go way and beyond anyway.

True enough, she is not THE Angel Locsin and THE country’s ACTION-DRAMA QUEEN for nothing.

Now that her top-rated action-drama series, ‘The General’s Daughter’ nears its end, she sure will exceed expectations by giving us authentic and solid performance.

In her series’ eight month run, she has shown us the action extravaganza we all expect from the actress of her calibre.

She did death-defying stunts seemingly impossible for someone who has a spine condition but she proves that it can still be done beautifully with the right precautions.

Exactly two weeks before The General’s Daughter’s Finale, Dreamscape AdProm Manager Eric John Salut shared a behind the scene video of Angel hanging on a truck and it earns mixed reactions on social media.

One of which is from her best friend, Dimples Romana, who was supportive and proud, albeit rather worried for Angel’s safety.

On a tweet, she said, “Nasan na ba ang pamalo ko?” a reply to EJS’s video with the caption: “Bawal ang fake scenes kay @143redangel! #TGDTapatan.”

Meanwhile, Dimples expressed her worry on Instagram saying, “@therealangellocsin wag mo akong daanin sa hug emoji! Umakyat ka na naman sa umaandar na truck?!?! Gusto mo talaga akong maatake sa puso eh no!”

Angel was deeply touched and uploaded a screenshot of her best friend’s sermon with a comment that says, “That’s real friendship right there.”

Aye, Angel. That’s real friendship.

It was not the first time that she did a risky stunt on a moving vehicle for the series and I seriously think that there’s no stopping her from doing more, not even Dani. It is without a doubt a labor of love committed to give us an ending we will remember for a long time.

Thank you, Angel. We will miss Rhian big time!


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