Celebrities REACT to Angel Locsin’s No Double FRONT FLIP STUNT in The General’s Daughter!

Angel Locsin is a household name not just for the beauty she holds but also for her acting prowess that made her an ICON both on television series and film.

Dubbed as an Action Drama Queen for her unsurpassed and remarkable portrayals, Locsin distinguished herself as a superstar with no equal.

And as her star-studded and big-budgeted series, “The General’s Daughter” nears its end, time and again, she proves that she is indeed the imperial queen of the genre for all the right reasons!

Yesterday, The General’s Daughter star herself shared a sneak peek of what is in store for the audience in the last week of top-rated show.

Never slowing down in showing us authentic and stylistic action sequences, Angel Locsin totally WOWS in her no-double-front-flip stunt behind the scene video that earns various reactions not only from her fans but also from her friends and colleagues in the industry.

One of which is from her best pals in showbiz, Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda who commented, “Sira ka talaga! Todo hataw pa yung pag-flip eh  ingatan mo nga sarili mo! Lalo na yung likod mo! Tigas ng ulo...pero kahit ano sabihin ko astig ka pa rin talaga.” In which Angel replied, “kaya prends tayo eh lol.”

See more celebrities reactions below.

This and more make the show the top rival on ABS-CBN’s 2019 primetime line-up beating all its rival series with huge gap in tv ratings.

We really can expect nothing but extraordinary lead performance from Angel Locsin who dazzles every time as the queen of the genre.

Source: Instagram

Watch the video below:


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