Angel Locsin’s unique hidden talent exposed!

In her almost 15 years in the industry we could probably say that we have seen all the things that Angel Locsin can do.

We saw her act in her most daring roles, action packed drama series and different movie genres, we have seen her sing and serenade the crowd during her guestings in ASAP and mall shows and aces few dance numbers in ASAP and even at the big dome back when she guested in Enrique Gil’s concert “King of the Gil.”

Apart from all of these, Angel Locsin has one unique talent; her tongue is unusually long that it can reach the tip of her nose and she’s proud of it!

In an Instagram story she shared on her account, Angel Locsin showed off her unique and hidden talent.

The said video was reposted by Angel Locsin’s fans and pointed out her cuteness in the said video.

Smiling brightly at the camera, Angel proudly shows off her hidden talent that not everyone is aware of. Isn’t she the cutest?

Angel Locsin’s jolly and playful personality are some of the reasons why people grew fond of her.

Aside from her undoubtedly great portrayals, she is well loved because of her personality.

She sure does make a lot of people happy because of these rare moments she generously shared on social media.

Opposite to the jolly and cheerful Angel Locsin in person, her character as Rhian Bonifacio ain’t got time to play.

She has a serious mission and everyone’s safety is at stake. With Marcial, Franco and now Ethan on her side, can they finally put Tiago in his proper place and make him pay for everything that he has done?

That’s what we have to find out! Watch The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

Watch the full video here: Instagram


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