Women of Influence Awardees: Meet these eight fun, fearless and forward Filipina personalities!

Cosmopolitan Philippines introduces the first ever Women of Influence Awards that honors eight exemplary Filipina personalities who uses their platform to make a difference in various causes.

These eight fun, fearless and forward Filipina have made a significant mark not just in the industry that they are in but also in Philippine society.

First on the list is Heart Evangelista who supports #AdoptDontShop campaign. She is The Protector and one of her many projects is a soon-to-be animal welfare in Sorsogon.

Bianca Gonzalez is The Storyteller, she is one of the amazing women behind the She Talks Asia tribe.

Honored for raising awareness for LGBTQIA representation by living her truth, Miss International Queen 2012, Kevin Balot is The Conversation Starter.

Solenn Heussaff, The Visionary, is also part of Cosmo’s eight Women of Influence Awardees. An actress and a visual artist who shows us many reasons why we should be proud as Filipinos through her artworks.

Mich Dulce, The Educator who founded Grrrl Gang Manila is also part of the eight Filipina Women who uses their platform to make a change.

Actress, model and Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa is The Role Model. She is the founder of Mental Health Matters which is an organization that provides safe space for people who are struggling with mental health issues.

The Trailblazer, Alyssa Valdez has put women’s volleyball known in the country after gaining popularity as a multi-awarded athlete.

Last but definitely not the least, Angel Locsin, The Pioneer. She is recognized for her humanitarian efforts through the years.

She has been consistent in helping others, conducting charities for the marginalized to the extent of integrating herself to The Lumad, Moro, peasants, and urban poor communities.

These eight infuential Filipina women who uses their platform for the greater good is indeed worthy of this recognition.

These are the modern Filipina women that our society needs: fun, fearless and forward Filipina that uses their platform to instill awareness to various causes they support!

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