Young Kapamilya actor Javi Benitez, a 22-year old Star Magic talent, recently guested on Angel Locsin’s hit primetime “The General’s Daughter” as Vladimir Lejano.

He plays the role of a businessman, a prime suspect for allegedly mobilizing a troll farm tied up to Santiago Guerrero’s illegal operations.

He was captured by Rhian, Marcial and Franco but was killed by the real culprit thereafter.

“First day ko sobrang intense kasi kaeksena ko talaga yung mga bida kaagad. Sila Angel Locsin, sila Paulo Avelino, Tito Albert Martinez pero at the same time very welcoming naman sila.

Very very welcoming pati yung production. And grabe yung emosyon and yung intensity na kailangan for the scenes e. Interrogation kasi yun. So sinabi sa akin nung director na kailangan syempre seasoned actors yung very first day, very first scene, very first teleserye,” he shared in a sit-down interview.

He admits feeling challenged around the veteran actors he got the chance to have scene with. He was also overwhelmed and privileged he is witnessing how just as impressive these seasoned actors are off-cam.

“Okay naman kasi after nung scene, maganda naman ang feedback, satisfying at sobrang sweet ni Angel talaga. As in after, tinatanong niya ako ‘Okay ka lang?’ kasi part ng eksena yung ginaganun ako, ginaganun ni Paulo. Very sweet sila, very caring sa mga ibang co-actors. And si Tito A kasi barkada ng dad ko yun before childhood friends sila so maraming tips na binibigay. Tapos siya mismo yung naglalagay ng tubig sa [ulo ko] para mafeel ko daw. Very good experience”

While it’s no surprise when you hear fans or just casual viewers saying they act starstruck when seeing Angel Locsin, it really is cute to see Javi being loud and proud to tell how he tried his best to keep his cool while in starstruck awe working with Angel Locsin because who would not?

“Oo maganda talaga. Nung first scene syempre ginaganun [ini-interrogate] ako diba. Nagkatinginan kami parang sa isip ko hirap magfocus nito ah,” he revealed.

It has always been delightful to hear how beautiful of a person you are, Angel! Mabuhay ka!

Watch the video here:


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