Watch: Angel Locsin gets giddy and excited about her new massage gun from her fiancé Neil Arce.

It is a known fact that Angel Locsin undergone two surgeries for her back and lumbar area way back 2016.

Having said that, she is being extra careful especially when doing action scenes in her ongoing primetime TV show “The General’s Daughter.”

She’s no longer experiencing the excruciating pain like she used to and to make sure that everything will be alright, Angel Locsin revealed on one of her interviews that she still makes sure to undergo physical therapy a day before taping an action scene and bring ice packs and hot compress to prevent the recurrence of her back pain.

As an actress, especially now that she has an ongoing primetime TV series, Angel Locsin is on set from sunrise to sundown.

It could be very tiring especially because she’s doing action scenes.

She sometimes gets bruises from executing some scenes which she fondly call as her battle scars.

To help her feel comfortable and to aid sore muscles which may be caused by intense action scenes, her fiancé Neil Arce gifted her a massage gun.

Using a handheld massage gun also known as a percussion massage gun or percussion massager can have multiple benefits for the body especially if experiencing constant tension in neck and back. For people with lower back issues, massage guns can be a lifesaver.

Neil Arce got Angel Locsin one of the best massage guns in the market that can quickly relieve every sore muscle even at extremely sensitive areas such as areas where she’s experiencing lower back pain.

Such thoughtfulness made Angel Locsin giddy and excited. She expressed her gratitude to her fiancé through a video she shared on her Instagram account, “Thanks myhal” Angel Locsin wrote.

Aren’t they the sweetest? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Watch the full video here:


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