Ryan Bang and JinHo Bae reenact Angel Locsin and Bea Alonzo’s scene in Four Sisters and A Wedding with a twist!

Four Sisters and A Wedding is one of the most well-known family movies in the Philippines starring four of the most sought after actresses of their generation; Toni Gonzaga as Teddie, Bea Alonzo as Bobbie, Angel Locsin as Alex, Shaina Magdayao as Gabbie together with Enchong Dee as CJ/Rebreb.

Almost everyone knows the story on how the four older sisters planned to stop CJ from marrying his girlfriend.

Along the course of doing their plan, it opened up unresolved problems between the siblings. Their story is a roller coaster ride, one fun roller coaster ride.

Six years after it premiered and now that the movie is available in different media-services provider such as Iwant and Netflix, the scenes from the said movie are still being quoted and references about it always blow up with thousands of likes and shares in various social media sites.

In fact, just recently, a clip from GGV where Ryan Bang and JinHo Bae are reenacting a scene from the movie trended!

Ryan Bang and JinHo Bae reenact a scene from Four Sisters and A Wedding with a twist! They had to do it in Korean.

They were tasked to reenact Alex and Bobbie’s confrontation scene; JinHo Bae as Bobbie and Ryan Bang as Alex.

Their banter trended on Youtube and earned over 1M views in a short period of time.

Angel Locsin saw the clip and expressed how entertained she was with Ryan Bang’s performance and wrote “Tawang tawa ako pati “huh” ala Angel Locsin ginawa ni Ryan! Ikaw talaga, huh @ryanbang”

Four Sisters and A Wedding is one of those movies that will forever be remembered.

It was a masterpiece that will never be forgotten as it mirrors what a Filipino family is in real life.

Everyone can identify from the characters played by brilliant actors perfectly casted for the movie.

Watch the full video here:


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