Bakit nga ba nasa set ng Kadenang Ginto si Rhian? Dimples Romana’s vlog explains it all!

Just recently, Angel Locsin went viral because of her short appearance in the hit afternoon show Kadenang Ginto starring her real life bestfriend Dimples Romana.

That specific scene that was uploaded in various social media sites gained millions of views.

Viewers can’t stop talking about it and kept asking one important question; “What is Rhian doing on the set of Kadenang Ginto?” And this question was eventually answered in Dimples Romana’s recently uploaded vlog.

Last August 13, in Dimples Romana’s official YouTube channel "Dimples Romana Official", she uploaded a vlog that featured a day in her life.

It was a regular taping day for her but hours later, she had a very special visitor, her bestfriend, Angel Locsin.

As they are both in the entertainment industry, their schedules rarely matches but amidst the demand of their current job, Angel Locsin was able to find time to catch up with her bestfriend in time for the international friendship day.

The vlog highlighted Dimples and Angel’s relationship as bestfriends. They joke around and laugh at each other’s jokes.

For the entire duration of Angel’s visit, all they do is laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

But what really is Rhian doing on the set of Kadenang Ginto?

When Dimples asked Angel the question that everyone is excited to know the answer to she just simply said, “Feeling ko kakontsaba ni Tiago 'to sa sama ng ugali,” referring to Daniela, Dimples’ character.

Angel Locsin is on the set of Kadenang Ginto to visit Dimples and her short cameo is totally unplanned but it definitely turned out well!

Will this be the last surprise appearance and/or cameos that will happen in Kapamilya teleseryes?
That’s what we have to find out! Don’t forget to watch kapamilya shows in Kapamilya Gold and Primetime Bida!

Watch the full video here:


  1. Wow! More power danielašŸ˜šŸ˜˜

    1. saya nyo naman idol dimple jan kahet kulang sa tulog hehehe sana balang araw maging compedent ako sa pag audition sa pbb next season hehehehe

  2. kai idol angel naman hnde paren ako nakaka move on doon sa set nyo na domaan hehehehehehe

  3. sarap ng flower, tawag dyan Bluternate... marami nyan sa amin pinipitas lang.. daming good benefits makuha dyan

  4. you made my day dani girl.. dami kong tawa ..nakaka goodvibes

  5. you made my day dani girl.. dami kong tawa ..nakaka goodvibes


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