Angel Locsin’s exhilarating bombing scene in The General’s Daughter wows netizens!

There’s really no stopping Angel Locsin from queening on primetime.

The General’s Daughter has been a nightly topic on social media and consistently rakes in viewership.

It’s storytelling remains brilliantly paced far from teleserye tropes, showing us authenticity and solid performances from its roster of A-lister actors led by the Action-Drama Queen herself.

The previous episodes were another viable feat that made us all gulp for its literally fire burning scenes as Tiago has gotten more brutally impatient.

He put a price on Rhian, Franco and Marcial’s heads for 10 million each, and planted a bomb to assassinate the De Leons including Ethan who’s now lawfully married to Jessie.

The three went almost unnoticeable and managed to get away despite being outnumbered.

The horrendous murder was plotted to happen right after the wedding ceremony but before Jessie, Ethan and Corazon got in to the car where the bomb was planted, Rhian came to the rescue in the nick of time.

Rhian knew that with the prices on their heads, their world is getting smaller and tangled magnetic enough for viewers to stick around.

Viewers are totally sold with Rhian, Franco and Marcial’s new disguises and can’t help but react to how the show sustains its momentum and makes the story more riveting as it unfolds.

Ang ganda very intense galing ni Rhian naging super hero taga pagligtas

Takbong Narda, Lyka and Lia to eh  Akala mo magtatransform siya @143redangel eh. Hahaha

Grabe talaga yung pangyayare sumiklab!!!

Ang galing ni Rhian bagong super hero ...


What a Day! Dobleng Pasakit para kay Rhian, I Do and I Die? Rhian, Bumangon ka! #TGDisalba @143redangel @teamangelph

Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

Watch the Highlights here:


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