“Ayoko na magkaboyfriend kahit kelan!” - Angel Locsin to Neil Arce

There may be a point in our lives when we think of giving up on love because of the previous relationships that did not go as planned but no matter how many times you promised not to fall in love again, if its God’s plan, it will eventually happen.

Angel Locsin is now happily in a relationship and engaged to the movie producer Mr. Neil Arce.

They started dating early 2017 and became officially together last January 2018.

Before they end up to where they are right now, they were really good friends for years, 8 years to be exact.

On some of her previous interviews, Angel Locsin mentioned that before they decided to take their relationship to a much serious and deeper level, they were each other’s confidant and falling in love with each other did not even cross their minds.

In fact, Angel Locsin revealed on her previous interview with DJ Jaiho in Jeepney TV’s showbiz pa more that she firmly told Neil Arce that she doesn’t want to have a boyfriend anymore and we quote “Sinabi ko pa sa kanya [Neil] ayoko na magkaboyfriend kahit kelan!” she exclaimed.

And though falling in love was never a part of her plan, love made its way for them to end up together and when they’re already in a relationship, Angel Locsin jokingly reprimanded Neil Arce about it and said “ Sinabi ko sa’yo ayoko na magkaboyfriend diba? Anong nangyari?”

Though finding love and falling in love is the least of her priority before she started dating her now soon to be husband, them ending up together might have been written in their stars for the very beginning.

Love really moves in mysterious ways, you’ll never know where it will bring you until you’re there and in Angel Locsin and Neil Arce’s case, love brought them to each other for their hearts to become one.

Congratulations on your engagement Angel and Neil! We’re excited to hear more details about your upcoming wedding soon!

Source: Instagram


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