WATCH: This boy’s reaction after Rhian got shot in #TGDHuli is so cute and hilarious!

The General’s Daughter is undeniably a beautiful and thrilling teleserye that elevates its action and storyline to a level of art rarely seen in local TV.

The numbers it is getting in terms of viewership share and social media engagement only show how commanding it is to televiewers, proving yet again, that an Angel Locsin starrer tv series plus a topnotcher cast and production can never go wrong and expectedly a top-shelf.

Days before its fifth week on primetime, Angel’s Rhian continues to abscond and single-handedly plan to end Tiago and his illegal dealings.

With the time she spent with the Guerreros, she clearly knows the in and out of the Heneral’s unlawful businesses and how his hideous mind works.

That being said, Rhian is always one step ahead of the police and military and was able to infiltrate Tiago’s billion-dollar drug operation behind a Toy Bazaar for a cause.

The portrayal and storytelling were totally relentless in a way it makes its theme flow through its audience. It was like war on drugs, the Rhian Bonifacio way.

She sabotaged the drugs transport and used it to lure Tiago into a trap surrounded by the authorities.

Just like how General Marcial used her to get near Tiago, the military force commanded by General Maximillano and led by Major Ethan De Fierro also took a chance on her and consequently succeeded.

Unfortunately, the jaw-dropping brawl of Tiago and Rhian ended in way we never expected.

Rhian got shot and fell down. Tiago knocked her out.

This was the highlight of last night’s episode that boggles the viewers minds and breaks many hearts.

Even young ones get affected just like as how it breaks the heart of this young boy who cried a river after watching Rhian’s dying scene.

 Why do you have to break such a perfectly good heart, Rhian? Wake up now, please?

Watch the video below.


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