The Ever-Angelic Angel Locsin: Proof that she’s literally an Angel.

A versatile actress, a loving daughter and a sweet girlfriend, she is everyone’s angel.

She has proven her versatility by taking on challenging roles.

She starred in various soaps and movies with different genres.

She can be a dramatic actress, a comedian and an action star.

Because of her versatility, she became one of the most awarded actresses of her generation winning one best actress award after the other locally and internationally.

At present, she is headlining the hit series , “The General’s Daughter” which is billed as the biggest teleserye of 2019 where she received raves for her strong portrayal of her character and dubbed as the “Action-Drama Queen”.

Angel Locsin has come a long way as an actress but despite her success in the chosen field, she still remains to be the same angel who is such an angel to her friends, colleagues, fans and most especially her family.

She was never busy when it comes to her family. She always make time for them and enjoy their company in travels in and out of the country and the latest news that broke the internet that further proves how she loves her family is her revelation that she bought a beach property for her father somewhere north.

Aside from being a filial daughter, she is also a sweet and loving girlfriend to her beau Mr. Neil Arce.

From friends to lovers, these two have known each other longer than one could imagine.

They share same interests and loves to travel and discover new places together may it be in or out of the country.

Angel Locsin is one of the most kind hearted and genuine superstars in the industry.

It was proven countless times and majority will agree that she’s literally an Angel heaven sent.

Watch the full video here:


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