Angel Locsin really is a lot of things, being an an “OILbularyo” is one!

Ms. Janice De Belen recently revealed on one her Instagram posts one cool thing about Angel Locsin.

On her Instagram story, Angel can be seen pretty busy mixing her essential oils in between takes of their primetime hit series “The General’s Daughter” and it was captioned: “OILBULARYO @therealangellocsin [smiley face] at least i’m not the only one who brings my hobbies to work [smiley face].”

It probably is the first time to be known to public that the local showbiz’s “Action-Drama Queen” is a fan of essential oils’ amazing scents and old-fashioned health remedy.

A netizen who goes by the handle @AlingNaeNae was quick to repost this cute video on Twitter with the caption that says, “Napaka-cute na Oilbularyo! Hihihi @143redangel Yung may sarili syang mundo sa isang sulok at nagmi-mix ng kanyang mga essential oils. #TGDHuli”

On the video, Angel can be heard saying, “I’m oilbularyo eh,” when she noticed that she’s being filmed by Ms. Janice De Belen who joked, “Nambabarang.”

How cute can you get, Angel?

Essential oils are basically volatile liquids that are extracted from plants.

They are now making their way to mainstream providing variety of health benefits through ingestion, aromatherapy and topical application.

Just like Angel, you may use scent diffusers and mixi oils in spray bottles for mood lifting and removing unpleasant smells.

In fact, there are several aromatic oils to choose from that can do more than just set a room's vibe.

Some people on the other hand use essential oils to address skin concerns and physical pain; and just like medicine, essential oils can also be ingested as long as they are certified for internal use.

Watch the video here:


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