Angel Locsin helps in shaping our future by sending 31 scholars to school!

“Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan,” National Hero José Rizal proclaimed.

It may be sad to realize that this famous line is now more of a quote used by the Filipino youth to write on their essays, papers and homework and that its depth and meaning are often neglected, there are still people who never stop believing.

And that I think is the challenge for our generation, to be that person our country needs.

We really have shoes to fill for our country to progress no matter how small our social role is and it is not surprising that Angel Locsin, is wholeheartedly taking this challenge.

In the local entertainment industry, Angel Locsin is one of the first names that comes to mind whose generosity glows with colours.

In fact, you have probably read about or watched a few of these random acts of her kindness stories unfold already.

It’s even more admirable that never have she ever screams about it from the housetop, like a true Angel sent from above, doing selfless acts incognito.

She really is someone who lives up to her name, noted for not just as a multi-awarded actress par excellence but also for her heart of gold!

Just recently, Angel took to Instagram a very inspiring post of how she believes in the power of education.

“Thank you to all my 5.5M Instagram and 11M Twitter followers for being there since the beginning, through all the challenges and milestones. As promised when we reached 5M on IG, I would like to share with you this simple celebration of helping 31 scholars through schooling. I believe that education is one of the best gifts we can share to others and that empowered individuals can help shape a bright future,” she wrote.

While most of us are too wrapped up in our lives to pay much attention to anyone else, Angel’s well of generosity runs deep.

She is really more than her talent and beautiful face.

She is an inspiration that creates ripples, raising social awareness and encourages others to lend a hand through social media mobilization or whenever she gets the chance.

Just like what Nelson Mandela says, “Education is most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” with proper education and guidance, the children of today are indeed tomorrow’s bright future and Angel is actively taking part in this change that she wants to see in this world. We should all too.

Source: Instagram


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