Angel Locsin and Nanette Medved are Darnas in real life!

Darna is a fictional Filipino comics super heroine created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo.

She is one of the most popular Filipino superheroes who has appeared in many films and several television series through the decades and widely considered as a Filipino cultural icon and most celebrated superhero character in the country.

Several actresses have portrayed Darna in motion pictures and TV series and two of the most renowned are the ones we considered today as real-life Darnas, Ms. Angel Locsin and Ms. Nanette Medved!

Nanette Medved donned the distinctive and iconic red and gold costume in Joey Lamangan’s film “Darna” in 1991 while Angel Locsin got the breakthrough role in the 2005 tv series Darna adaptation broadcasted by GMA Network.

Her signature look as the iconic superhero was considered as one of the Darna's many 'official' costumes and the success of the series, her portrayal and social impact remain unrivalled up to this day.

But these two women prove that you don’t need costume or some sort of mutant powers to be a superhero.

It is known to many that Angel is a living angel in an Earth suit. Going WAY above and beyond the call of her duty to save others whenever she foregoes the comfort of her home to provide relief and mobilize rescue operations every time there is a calamity.

Selflessness and unreluctance have become her way of life that also influence other people to do something they weren’t required to do.

It can be recalled that she even went to ground zero in war-stricken Marawi, putting her safety and life at risk, to witness its predicament herself and thoroughly understand how she could be of help.

She is also very vocal advocating for gender equality and women empowerment and an active blood donor representing Philippine Red Cross as its ambassador.

Recently, she revealed on a post that she’s also an advocate of education and sends 31 students to school.

Meanwhile, Ms. Nanette Medved also proves that she personalizes Darna in real-life by donating classrooms to Marawi children just recently.

“So happy to be able to turn over 8 classrooms here in Marawi today Thank you to the Maranao for your heart warming hospitality especially given the circumstances! Pao- thank you for the great photos and Joie for choosing such moving locations. Finally, thank you to the approximately 2 million choices that made these classrooms possible,” she shared on her Instagram post.

Angel and Nanette put super in superhero! They are the Darnas we deserve!

Source: TheAsianParent


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