Alex and Rebreb reunite! The Four Sisters and A Wedding reunion we’ve been waiting for!

Star cinema is known for producing movies with great quality. Movies that are worth watching more than once.

Their movies just don’t focus on love stories and romance but also about family.

Movies that was produced under this film outfit will not just make you laugh and feel entertained, they sure did know how to tear viewer’s heart apart, one of which is Four Sisters and A Wedding directed by none other than Ms. Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Four Sisters and A Wedding is one of the most well-known family movies in the Philippines.

6 years after it premiered, the scenes from the said movie are still being quoted and references about the movie always blow up with thousands of likes and shares in various social media sites.

The Salazar siblings Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, Gabbie and Rebreb can be considered as the most popular sibling and their reunion is something that most of us have been waiting for.

Just recently, Enchong Dee and Angel Locsin chanced to meet each other in ABS-CBN ELJ Building and they have a special treat for everyone who’s waiting for the Salazar sibling’s reunion.

In his IG story Enchong Dee posted a photo of him and Angel Locsin and wrote “From the Black Sheep and the favorite... Hello Kapamilya!.”

That was 2 out of 5 siblings and netizens cannot help but be elated about this photo and the way he referenced it from the movie.

As we all can remember, Alex Salazar played by Angel Locsin is the black sheep of the family while Rebreb is the favorite as he’s the only boy of the family and the youngest.

Four Sisters and A Wedding is one of those movies that will forever be remembered.

It was a masterpiece that will never be forgotten as it mirrors what a Filipino family is in real life.

Everyone can identify from the characters played by brilliant actors perfectly casted for the movie.

Though we have seen the main story about the Salazar siblings, we certainly need a prequel or a sequel to this masterpiece. Agree? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Star Cinema


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