#TRENDING: Behind the scenes of Angel Locsin’s Rhian VS Wushu Champion Janice Hung’s Alexandra in TGD creates online storm!

The General’s Daughter absolutely amps up primetime viewing. Its original story keeps a steady and non-linear pace that captures the hearts of televiewers who crave for a series formulated with the right amount of action and drama. With the Action-Drama Queen, Angel Locsin, who always gives a top quality and fresh take to this action series, it is unquestionable that it maintains its lead in TV ratings and social media engagement. While it is also amusing how the other actors work with great chemistry giving justice to their respective roles that make the story more watchable, the additional characters and spike in the storytelling also demand a binge-watch and bigger audience.

Rhian, who is now most wanted for being a a threat to national security, faces new foes introduced on this weeks’ roll of episodes. A man hunt operation originally headed by General Marcial is now assigned to the mystifying Gen. Gregorio Maximillano portrayed by the veteran actor Nonie Buencamino. To lead the unit is Captain Alexandra, a marksman with top notch skills under her belt, a well-accomplished soldier as her superior boasted about. She is believed to top rival Lt. Bonifacio and give her a run for her money. The seemingly fearsome character is played by none other than Janice Hung, an international Wushu champion who earned the moniker “Wushu Queen” from friends, journalists, and bloggers.

Netizens are nonstop clamouring online about Rhian and Captain Alexandra’s much anticipated close combat. Will she really be able to knock Rhian down? The Wednesday episode gave us a kick off of their exhilarating duel but Rhian expectedly got away. The chase is still on!

Dreamscape Entertainment took to Instagram some behind the scenes photos of the scene we are dying to see. It’s amusing to see the raw physical preparation of the series that portrays authenticity and gives the quality we all want to see on TV. The post already earned 3360 likes as of this writing. So if you are looking for stylized action that will probably showcase Wushu or Chinese kungfu, next episodes are must-see!

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  1. Hahaha...Alexandra Vs Rhian..what a nice fight


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