SPOTTED: Angel Locsin enjoys street foods in between takes of The General’s Daughter!

The Filipinos’ love for street food is already embedded in our culture. They say one of the best ways to understand the Filipino food culture is by looking to the streets where you will find people who satisfy their cravings for food and drinks in a cheap and simple way. They are bizarre yet delicious and it is amazing how we enjoy this simple way of living and embracing this street food culture with enthusiasm and pride.

In a fitness obsessed industry, it’s always surprising to know that there are celebrities indulge in street food too. Seeing them in this form of simplicity is a joy to behold!

This video for example that was posted by @mygel_teamangel on her Instagram account. It shows a glimpse of how simple and normal Angel Locsin is who cannot resist the popular and tasty fish balls, squid balls and kwek-kwek. On the video, Angel was with some of the staff of her teleserye, The General’s Daughter, cheerfully inviting the others to also dig in.

On another video also posted by Instagram user @mygel_teamangel, Angel, together with the TGD director, staff and crew were gorging on staple kakanin and bilo-bilo, a Filipino dessert made of small glutinous balls in coconut milk and sugar. “Hahaha cute, nakaka good vibes ka @therealangellocsin dati ice cream vendor ka ngayon bilo-bilo vendor naman hehe Merienda time The General’s Daughter bilo-bilo saraaaap naman, saan ba yan Rhian penge naman hehe Happy eating and happy taping TGD family @therealangellocsin,” says on the caption.

What makes the video really cute and special that keeps us from pressing the replay button over and over again would be Angel’s smile that looks really genuine. Isn’t she a sunshine?

It’s really gratifying to see such simple pleasures that you wish you can be as happy over little things. This only shows that Angel Locsin, despite her stature, is happy and content with the small pleasures in life, slows down and takes a little time enjoying them. She’s just as normal as everyone else. Life, after all, is made up of little things, so enjoying them for all their worth is bound to make for a more pleasant life.

Did you also enjoy watching this ball of sunshine? What’s your favorite street food? I would love to hear your thoughts! Share them by commenting below.

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