"When you're in love, take pride of the person you love"~ Angel Locsin on hiding her relationship to the public

Five years after making her grand comeback as 2nd Lt. Rhian Bonifacio, the titular character in The General's Daughter billed as ABS-CBN's biggest tv series for 2019 Angel Locsin once again proves that she's indeed our country's one and only Action Drama Queen. The pilot week episode showcase her exceptional and brilliant acting in both drama and action.

But before The General's Daughter had premiered last January 21, Angel had a series of guestings and interviews to promote her newest show. A part of her interviews where highlighted and was written online by Yahoo News with the caption "Angel Locsin: There's no point keeping your relationship a secret" here are some part of the article...

As reported on Push, the actress, who spoke about her romance on "Rated K", stated, "I have never hidden a relationship because people will know you are lying, so there is no point."

Locsin also stated that love is a great thing and one should be proud of it.

"It's a good thing to be in love. When you say you're in love, take pride of the person you love. I think the person deserves to be respected, and it's better to acknowledge him in public, right?" she said.

The actress also admitted that she would love to have her own child one day.

"I've always wanted twins. But after seeing how my friend takes care of them, I think I am just okay with one," she said with a laugh.

Locsin then added that she will be happy with how many children God blesses her with, as long as they are healthy."

In an industry like this, most celebrities are having a hard time to keep their personal life away from the public eyes. But Angel Locsin always believe that there's no point in keeping a secret specially when it comes to her relationship. That's why when she and her beau Neil Arce became officially together she didn't hesitate to tell the truth in public believing that the person she loves deserve to be respected and appreciated by her.

Did you miss our Action Drama Queen? Watch her every weeknights in The General's Daughter on ABS-CBN primetime bida.

Source: Yahoo News


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