“Darna is Angel Locsin, Angel Locsin is Darna” — Maja Salvador

The search for Darna is on for the second time around. After Angel Locsin opted out from the project way back 2017 because of her back injury, Liza Soberano was announced to be the new successor of the stone but unfortunately, due to an injury that she had in one of her shows, Liza decided to resign as Darna.

After Liza’s big revelation that has been the talk of the town, people start to mention names of actresses who can potentially play the role. Other actresses that first comes to mind were Nadine Lustre, Pia Wurtzbach, Maja Salvador and ofcourse Angel Locsin. Most viewers were still hoping for Angel to take on the role but in one of her interviews, she firmly said no when asked if she’s willing to do accept the project once again. Though she already declined, her iconic portrayal as Darna way back 2005 has the people wishing for her to fly again as the superheroine most Filipinos loved and even other stars in the industry have this wishful thinking.

In an interview, when asked about her bet to become the new Darna, Maja Salvador wishes Angel Locsin to take on the role — “Sana si Angel Locsin, Darna is Angel Locsin, Angel Locsin is Darna.” She also mentioned how perfect Angel is for the role — “Ang hirap tanggalin ni Angel Locsin kay Darna. ‘Pag sinabi mong Darna, nakatatak talaga sa kanya. Perfect e, katawan, lahat, ‘yung pinay beauty, (at) yung skills nya”

Truly, Angel Locsin is one of the most unforgettable actresses who took on the role. More than ten years after she flew as the superhero wearing a cap and a two-piece red suit, people still see her as Darna up until today. She’s also often referred to as the real life Darna because of her unbelievable drive to help others just like a superhero who goes above and beyond to reach out to people who are in need and whether she accepts the role or not, she sure does made a mark as a superhero, not just on TV but also in real life.



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