Must Watch! Angel Locsin’s cute moment as an ice cream vendor!

Taking a day off as 2nd Lt. Rhian Bonifacio, Angel Locsin had her much needed Aivee day right after Mang Inasal National Sales convention held at PICC. Aivee clinic is her go to place every time she needs her “me” time and to rejuvenate. Amidst her busy schedule, she makes sure to visit the clinic once in a while.

The Aivee clinic Instagram account shared videos of Angel Locsin while she’s in the vicinity through their instagram stories. On the said video, Angel Locsin can be seen getting excited about the ice cream booth inside the clinic that serves as a treat to its clients. It is a known fact that Angel loves ice cream and as a normal reaction from an ice cream lover, she immediately wanted to try some. Angel Locsin being the playful, fun and goofy that she is took the initiative to serve herself. Though someone is assigned to serve the clients, she went ahead and help herself for a scoop of ice cream. She seemed so entertained with what she’s doing that she even asked the people around her if they want some!

The videos that was shared in The Aivee clinic’s IG story was then reposted by her official media team “teamangelph.” Her cuteness on the said video will definitely turn a bad day into a good one and will send good vibes. Her happy and playful aura transcends through the screen and anyone who will watch the video will definitely have a smile painted on their faces the whole day!

Far from the Angel Locsin that we saw on the video being her usual self, Angel Locsin as Rhian Bonifacio continues to give us heart gripping scenes and intense action scenes in her ongoing show The General’s Daughter airing weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Watch the full video here: Instagram


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