Angel Locsin and other cast of The General’s Daughter spotted at a public market!

The General’s Daughter, now on its tenth week continuously reign over it rival show. The powerhouse cast never fails to deliver mind boggling and award worthy performances. The cinematography, story telling and mounting of the scenes are topnotch surpassing the viewers’ expectations.

The viewers have witnessed how conflicted and confused Rhian Bonifacio, Angel Locsin’s character, was. She oftentimes has an inner debate in regards to her decisions and her next steps taking precautionary measures and weighing her options wisely. 40 episodes since it premiered and the viewers were already hooked because of its heightened episodes one night over the other.

Just recently, the cast of The General’s Daughter were spotted at a public market. They were reported to be taping few upcoming scenes for the show. Angel Locsin, who is a military nurse is with Ms. Maricel Soriano who plays the role of Manang Isabelle. A netizen uploaded series of photos and videos where we can clearly see Angel casually stacking loads of fish into a tray. Angel Locsin casually holding a fish as if she’s been doing it all her life might be one of the most amusing things you’ll probably see online! Take a look at these videos to see it for yourself.

The General’s Daughter is something you shouldn’t miss. Not one episode is dull and irrelevant. Each scene never fails to highlight Angel Locsin’s acting prowess that compliments her equally talented co-actors. Now that Rhian Bonifacio slowly develops a deeper relationship with Corazon De Leon, who by the way is one of her main missions, will she continue to follow Hen. Tiago’s orders or will she choose to follow her heart instead?

Watch The General’s Daughter weeknights after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano!

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